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Supply Chain Resilience Strategies During COVID-19: A Case of Apparel Manufacturers

Susitha, S. D. E.


There are many natural and other disruptions to businesses and supply chains in this dynamic and uncertain business world. Facing those disruptions and surviving the company becomes highly challenging. Global apparel value chains have been severely disrupted by the COVID- 19 pandemic, which has delayed their recovery in the short term. This study explores how the sector mitigates challenges during the pandemic and the steps the industry should focus on in the new-normal era. Using a multidisciplinary approach, this study conducted an evidence based case study method. Through secondary data, it was examined short-term and long-term strategies executed by the industry. Due to the scattered nature of the supply chain and the labour intensity, the apparel sector faced significant challenges compared to other businesses. However, the industry rebounded after the pandemic by adopting short-term and mediumterm resilient strategies. This cross-case analysis discusses the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic in different countries. The industry adopted short-term and long-term solutions to recoup from the COVID-19 storm. The findings provide an opening for the researchers to explore the viability of the strategies adopted by the industry. Also, the results open avenues how for exploring other techniques to be assumed to be resilient in unexpected situations like COVID-19.


KEYWORDS: Supply chain resilience, Apparel industry, COVID 19 pandemic