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Instructions to Authors

   Author guidelines-pdf 

Applied Economics and Business is a double-blinded journal. INCLUDE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION (Include Authors’ names, affiliations, or acknowledgements) IN THE TITLE PAGE ONLY. The paper should be prepared in SINGLE COLUMN format with SINGLE spacing between rows. Garamond, 12 point font (EXCLUDING ABSTRACT).should be used in typesetting B5-sized paper with approximately 1.0”margin on left and 0.5” for top, bottom and right margins. Use 12pt. bold for section headings, and 12pt. for subsection headings. Use APA system for citing references.

Endnotes should be short and kept to a minimum, which must contain more than a mere reference.  Single quotation marks should be used for quotations within the text, double quotes should be inserted within quotations where necessary. Use British spellings (rather than American): universal ‘z’ in ‘ize’ and ‘ization’ words;

A 250-300 word abstract is essential, with a sub-heading “ABSTRACT” in Times New Roman 11 point font. Include THREE keywords just below the abstract.

Tables & Figures:
Embed tables and figures in the appropriate place they should appear. All the figures and tables should be provided in editable format. Tables should have their heading placed above the table while figure names should be placed below the figure. Source for figures and tables should be mentioned. Each table and figure should be cited in the text, and should be numbered and have an explanatory heading. The fonts used in the tables and graphs not necessarily have to match the font of the text.
Color Printing Policy: The figures should be filled in patterned fill to easily distinguish the content since the journal will be printed in black and white.

Formulas used in the text should be numbered. The number should be in brackets and on the right side of the line, which contains the formula.

Use 11pt (TNR), Hanging (0.3pt) for references. References should refer only to material listed within the text. All cited references should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript. If more than one work by the same author(s) is cited, they should be listed in order by the year of publication that starting with the earliest. Citations and References should adhere to the examples given below.


In-text citations:
Do not use Ibid. (and the like) in repeating citations.
Multiple citations within parentheses should be divided by a semi-colon, and there should be no use of ‘&’ within such multiple references.

References to works published in the same year should be cited as, e.g. (Smith, 1991a, b)
Multiple citations within text should be ordered by date, not alphabetically by author’s name, e.g. (Smith, 1902; Jones and Bower, 1934; Brown, 1955, 1958a, b; Green, 1995).
et al. should be  used in citations within the text when a paper or book has three or more authors, but note that all names are given in the reference itself.

The journal reserves the right to return submissions which do not fall within the remit of the journal, which are not received according to the styles above, or which are insufficiently edited by the author.

Please submit articles by email to: jaeb@wyb.ac.lk